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Pop-A-Lock Halifax Locksmith shows high integrity

Pop-A-Lock Halifax Locksmith shows high integrity

The definition of Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.  One of our Halifax locksmiths, Jess Cote, recently demonstrated exceptional integrity when responding to a call.  Tamara Harvey had locked the keys in her boyfriend’s car. The frameless side windows, and glass roof, made opening this vehicle a challenge, even for our most experienced technicians. Balancing Tamara’s need to get back in, with the potential to damage the vehicle, Jess had a tough decision.  She made the right call, and recommended not to attempt a car door opening in favor of the owner bringing a spare key to the vehicle.  Ms. Harvey sent this message of gratitude to our national operations team:


“Hello, I just wanted to send a big thank you to the lady who assisted me earlier this evening. I was locked out of my boyfriends 1992 Camaro and called you guys. She was very friendly, professional and helpful and I totally respect the fact that she was honest and with the make and model of the vehicle and glass top, didn't want to risk damaging it. Some companies/people would just do it anyway to make the money. My boyfriend ended up driving from Windsor to Halifax and was also impressed after I told him the story. I don't know her name but just thought she should be recognized with her excellent customer service. :)”  see reviews @ popalock reviews


Few firms empower their employees enough that they can just walk away from doing business. In this case, Jess made the right call based on her experience and knowledge of her craft. 


In an industry known for rip-off artists, Pop-A-Lock sets a standard few others achieve, including: 


Identifiable:  All of our security professionals wear a Pop-A-Lock uniform and arrive a high visible company vehicle.


Dependable:  We understand how important your time is, so we arrive on time prepared to do the right stuff. All of our security professionals must pass extensive background checks and training programs.


Integrity:  This is a big deal for Pop-A-Lock.  We charge what we quote, and take full responsibility for our actions.


If you need locksmith work done for your home, business or vehicle, trust Pop-A-Lock of Nova Scotia to do it right for you.