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Pop-A-Lock answers the "When are panic bars required" ?

Pop-A-Lock answers the "When are panic bars required" ?

Panic bars allow groups of people to quickly exit from a building during a fire or other emergency.  Their design prevents a crowd from crushing people against the exit door.  In this installation, an older style “crash bar” was replaced with an up-to-date panic bar.  It takes no more than fifteen pounds of pressure against the device’s flat red bar to operate it and release the latch. This particular panic bar comes from a company called Detex, and has a built in alarm to dissuade people from using the door for anything other than an emergency exit. A key switch allows for silencing of the alarm. 

Selecting an emergency exit device for a particular application requires a knowledgeable installer.  Facility managers across Nova Scotia have come to count on Pop-A-Lock for this type of advice.
if you own or are responsible for the management of a facility, call Pop-A-Lock Nova Scotia.  Their team of trusted and knowledgeable locksmiths and security professionals can advise on the appropriate hardware for your business needs.