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Halifax local locksmith services Walmart lost keys

Halifax local locksmith services Walmart lost keys
A local WalMart recently loss their master key to showcases in the Electronics and Sports Departments. No one had a key or knowledge of how the locks were coded. 

Jess Cote from our Halifax team was able to:
1) pick one of the BEST IC cores to the control line, which allowed it to be removed from the lock
2) carefully eject the pins of that core into the device shown. She then measured the pins to calculated the control key in the picture.
With the control key in hand, cores in 10 locks were easy to remove and rekey.

Full marks to Jess. A less experienced locksmith would have drilled each of these locks - a pain on a glass showcase. Plus the customer would have had to purchase 10 new cores.

Trust Pop-A-Lock to have the security professionals with the right tools and training to efficiently deal with showcase lock repairs.