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Commercial Security How Often to Replace Entry Cards & Keys

Commercial Security How Often to Replace Entry Cards & Keys

Keeping your business secure is important, but is your security up to speed? Commercial security requires a different approach than your home security does, but the goal for both is the same. How can you make sure your business is secure if you have more than one employee who has access to a key or keycard? You’ll need to replace these items occasionally to keep your business secure. Here’s what you need to know about how often you should replace entry cards and keys at your business.




Locks and keys are the most common security measure used today. They’re old-fashioned, but they work, so many companies are happy to simply have new keys made any time they hire a new employee. However, this becomes a liability when you have too many keys floating around, especially if any of the keys fall into the wrong hands. Disgruntled former employees with a key could do serious damage to your business, but so could a thief who gains access to one of the keys.


Because of this, it’s a good idea to re-key or replace your locks every time a keyholder leaves the company. Be aware that, even if they return their copy of the key, there’s a chance they could have had a copy made. Re-keying the locks is less expensive and time-consuming than replacing them, so talk to your Pop-a-lock locksmith about doing this for your business.




Electronic passcards are becoming more common, especially if you need to give access to a lot of different people. Because the cards are programmed to operate the locks on the doors, you can change the codes as often as you want or need to. Access can be given or taken away almost instantly via a computer and the security information wiped from the system, making them more secure where former employees are involved.


The cards are fairly easy to replace, so they can be replaced as needed, when they wear out or when you have an employee leave the company. For cards that are not used as ID cards (no employee photo on them), you may be able to reuse the card once it’s been reprogrammed. The cost of the card reader system is more expensive than the cost of traditional locks and keys, but the long-term costs can be quite low in comparison.


Give Pop-a-lock a call when it’s time to replace your business locks, keys, or security cards and we’ll help keep your business more secure.